Since 2003, Rochdale Dawah Centre has been the foundation of the local community. Our regular services, activities and outreach services have helped hundreds of people learn, share or find relief from issues they face.

We are a centre for everyone, and all our projects and activities are open to everyone in our local community, of all faith, beliefs and world-views.

By joining us and using the centre means that you can not only discover support services in a thriving, warm atmosphere, but also meet and connect with others in the community, and build positive relationships.

We offer:

  • Youth projects
  • Project supporting the Deaf community
  • Counselling and mental health support
  • Health and well-being programmes
  • Language classes
  • Adult study circles
  • Prayer space
  • Weekend school for children
  • A growing and full accessible Library for free

One community spirit.

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Visit our Services page to discover the latest classes, projects and programmes or get in touch via our Contact page – we look forward to seeing you.

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As a volunteer-led organisation, we love to have new people join us in bringing about positive change for the local community.

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